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Homenagem a uma de minhas melhores estudantes internacionais: Sahana

Homenagem a uma de minhas melhores estudantes internacionais: Sahana
Imagem: foto pessoal de José Luiz Tejon Megido.

“I’m totally fine, like a warrior.

Pai, I love you. Missing our family.”

(last message from Sahana)


Why Sahana is not more in this planet?

She was one of my the best international student. Harmonius personality. She helped everyone.

Unfortunately she died for an impossible love.


It’s unbelievable that on earth, in 21th Century, a new millennial, a lovely lady like Sahana could not love and get married with a young boy just because he belonged to another caste!


We did our best to save Sahana against suicide. Her husband in India (she called him like that) was killed 15 days before their wedding day. Sahana did not overcome this cultural situation.


But one day before Sahana receive that horrible news about her boyfriend, she did a special study in São Paulo/Brazil about poor people that took some vegetables and fruits to eat, because in the end of an open air market-place, the marketers discarded the leftover food and wasted the precious foods instead of make a meal or donate them.


In honour to her soul, here you can see photos and comments by Sahana researching about food waste.

Imagem: foto pessoal de José Luiz Tejon Megido.

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” (these are final words in the beatles song – The End).


We love you, Sahana! All your friends in Brazil, your colleagues in Audencia, in Nantes, your friends in India, professors… we are very sad and missing you.


You had a choice to come back to Brazil and live with us like your new family, like our daughter… you would become an extraordinary professional too. But…


Why did you decide to leave us? We will never forget you and leave you.


See you soon, in some place of this infinite universe. I hope you and your lovely husband are together now. Love will always prevail.


You have a Special university degree like my best student of this year. I wish you were here, like a warrior… just as you wrote for us.


Keep fighting where ever you are.

Your professor Tejon.

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